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guidance-power-manager::PowerManager Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Our configuration dialog. 

Definition at line 39 of file guidance-power-manager.py.

Public Member Functions

def __init__
def blankScreen
def changeBatteryBrightness
def changePoweredBrightness
def checkBatteryCritical
def checkCpuFreq
def checkIdletime
def configToUi
def getIcon
def hibernate
def lockScreen
def notify
def poll
def powerHasBeenPlugged
def powerHasBeenUnplugged
def prepare
def setCpuPolicyDynamic
def setCpuPolicyPerformance
def setCpuPolicyPowersave
def setIcon
def shutdown
def slotBatteryCriticalActivated
def slotBatteryIdleActivated
def slotPoweredIdleActivated
def suspend
def tryHibernate
def trySuspend
def uiToConfig

Public Attributes


Private Member Functions

def _addBatteryWidgets
def _addCpuWidgets
def _checkOldConfig
def _getCB
def _getIcon
def _getRB
def _initBattery
def _initBrightness
def _initCB
def _initConfigKeywords
def _initLid
def _initUI
def _policyChangeMessage
def _setCB
def _setRB
def _updateBatteryWidget
def _updateCpuWidgets

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