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def powermanage::PowerManage::setDiskPM (   self,
  on = True 

Switches on laptop_mode and sets disks to advanced powermanagement.

Definition at line 553 of file powermanage.py.

00553                                :
        """ Switches on laptop_mode and sets disks to advanced powermanagement."""
        if self.USE_LAPTOP_MODE:
            # Check if laptop_mode exists:
            laptop_mode = "/proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode"
            if not os.path.isfile(laptop_mode):
                self.USE_LAPTOP_MODE = False
                debug("Laptop mode not supported, no "+laptop_mode)
                fhandle = open(laptop_mode,"w")
                if on: val = 1
                else: val = 0

        if self.USE_HDPARM:
            # Set disks to advanced PM
            for disk in self.disks:
                if on:
                    # Switch on advanced powermanagement
                    cmd = "hdparm -B1 /dev/"+disk+" > /dev/null"
                    # Switch off advanced powermanagement
                    cmd = "hdparm -B255 /dev/"+disk+" > /dev/null"
                if os.system(cmd) != 0:
                    self.USE_HDPARM = False
                    print "Switching advanced powermanagement failed, not using hdparm anymore"

    def suspend(self):

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